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Introducing Self-funding: 5 Ways to Gain Client Acceptance

June 20, 2019

Renewal season is coming quicker than you think, and your clients have some big decisions to make. You’ve spoken with multiple HR directors and know their CFO’s are trying to figure out how to budget for yet another double-digit healthcare premium increase. You can’t wait to show them a new solution and what benefits self-funded healthcare insurance has to offer.

But is the way clear for your clients to truly embrace a self-funded plan?

If you’ve done your homework, you have the reports, analyses, and options that should make the decision easy for the client. But to pave the way for clients to sign on the bottom line, you need to consider five things to make sure you seal the deal….
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educate healthcare spend

5 Questions to Help Educate your Clients on Healthcare Spend

June 10, 2019

You’re about to meet with your client. They are smart, understands their business, and have the daunting task of controlling healthcare spend while keeping employees happy in a competitive market.  They’ve heard of alternative healthcare insurance plans, such as self-funding, but aren’t quite sure if plan switch will work for them.

Your mission: educate your client, maximize their coverage, show them the numbers, and prove your credibility.

Where do you start? Ask some probing questions to dig deeper into not only what their coverage is, what they are paying for it, but also why they are paying for a traditional, fully-insured plan….
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meeting with healthcare plan data

Self-funded Success: Adult Care Provider Case Study

April 2, 2019

It’s no secret that healthcare costs and services will continue to influence business decisions on a daily basis. Employers are faced with limited options and sky-high health plan costs – with only the promise of further increases in the future. See how an Adult Care Provider experienced self-funded success and gained $640,000+ savings after moving away from a fully-insured plan.

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happy healthy employees incentives

5 Best Incentives For Keeping Your Employees Happy and Healthy

December 5, 2018

Cake day. Holiday parties. Morning meeting donuts. While these might seem like nice perks for your employees, are you sabotaging your efforts to keep a productive, high-functioning workforce?

The CDC reports that heart attacks and stroke lead the way for the most expensive health conditions, and employers foot the bill through health insurance premiums and loss of productivity. The CDC’s Business Pulse also reported that there are 4 million work-related non-fatal accidents per year and 55,000 workplace fatalities – as opposed to only 30,000 annual deaths from car accidents.

Does this mean you should just offer kale smoothies and start a safety committee?  While helpful, it might not be the ultimate solution to make your employees happy and healthy….
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business too small for self-funding insurance plan

Is My Business Too Small for Self-funding Health Insurance?

November 27, 2018

Finding a health insurance program to fit your small business can be frustrating. It’s like fitting a square peg into a round hole, with no perfect fit. You want to attract and retain staff to remain competitive, but how can you afford the high premiums of a traditional health plan? How can you put money aside to grow your business, yet protect your valued staff members?

As a small business, you’re unique. Your growing company needs a plan that fits your employee demographics and your budget. Self-funding or other alternative plans might be the perfect option for your growing firm. Why?

At Evolution Healthcare, we offer the next step in customized healthcare plans. We have a selection of PPO, Pharmacy, and wellness benefits that fit your company’s profile. We have access to traditional insurers and reinsurers, so we can craft a unique health insurance plan that fits your small business needs.

Under a traditional health insurance plan, you have little control. You are subject to the demographics of a large group, with many different people and companies, and you have little input or control over the performance of that plan.

But we believe the sheer size of your workforce should not determine whether you can have health insurance or not. You put your business together using creativity and planning, and that’s how we work, too….
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